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Fralinger's Original Salt Water Taffy In Original 1920's Salt Water Taffy Box
Sea Air And Sunshine In Every Box. Born on the Boardwalk in 1885, Fralinger's famous "long-shaped" Salt Water Taffy has a creamy, delightful, and delicious taste. Assorted Flavors include:Banana, Chocolate, Lemon, Licorice, Lime, Molasses, Orange, Peppermint , Strawberry and Vanilla....
from $15.99
Fralinger's Almond Macaroons
Sweet And Satisfying!These delicious delicacies have a sweet taste that everyone loves. They're baked fresh daily in the European tradition following a Fralinger's family recipe that has been passed down for generations.All are mailed right to your door. Order today.AVAILABLE...
from $22.99
James' Coconut Macaroons
World Famous Since 1880.James' Coconut Macaroons are as popular today as they were over a century ago, and that's because we follow James' original recipe and use sweet shredded coconut and other fresh ingredients to recreate his soft, moist, and...
from $22.99
Fralinger's Coconut & Almond Macaroon Combo
Designed To Delight!Our Almond and Coconut Macaroons are made fresh daily, baked golden brown, then placed in one of our classic Fralinger's Boxes and mailed directly to you.Order yours today!Designed To Delight!Our Almond and Coconut Macaroons are made fresh daily,...
from $22.99
James' Butter Mint Rolls
A Homemade Seaside Confection! James' Butter Mint Rolls combine the down-home taste of creamy butter with cool peppermint. Buy two boxes and save $4.99! AVAILABLE SIZES: 12 oz. Gift Box, 2 - 12 oz. Gift Boxes, and a 2 lb....
from $15.99
James' Cream Mint Rolls
Melt In Your Mouth Mints!Soft, sweet, and spicy treats crafted with real peppermint.Buy two boxes and save $4.99!AVAILABLE SIZES: 12 oz. Gift Box, 2 - 12 oz. Gift Boxes, and a 2 lb. Seasonal Tin.Item Numbers:100-0921 -12oz Box100-2291 - 2lb...
from $15.99
Fralinger's Filled Centers Salt Water Taffy
Fun, Filled Centers Of Taffy.Filled Centers Salt Water Taffy is made with the same great Salt Water Taffy that made us famous.We fill each flavor of taffy with a different center of coconut, jelly, or nut. Filled Center flavors are...
from $15.99
Pick Your Own Fudge
Picking your own fudge is an exhilarating experience so mix and match and go crazy! Your taste buds will thank you. Choose up to 5 flavors per box. If buying two boxes choose up to 9 flavors.  Pick from these...
from $28.99
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