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Bayard's Signature Chocolates
Each batch is made by hand from scratch using an original Bayard's recipe and only the finest and freshest natural ingredients. It's time to discover what many have known all along, you simply can't find a better-tasting chocolate at a...
from $29.99
Bayard's Chocolate Pretzels
The Pretzel Made Perfect! Classic three-ring pretzels are baked in old-world brick ovens and dipped in Bayard's milk or dark chocolate to make a crunchy combination that's sweet and salty all-in-one. Gourmet topping include jimmies, nonpareils, and peanut string. Chocolates...
Bayard's Sea Salt Caramels
These are our famous creamy caramels drenched in our fine chocolate and lovingly sprinkled with pure sea salt.The little bit of salt brings out the full taste like nothing else.Each package contains 1 lb. of Bayard's Sea Salt Caramels. They're...
Bayard's Vanilla Caramels
Fresh cream and butter make Bayard’s Vanilla Caramels second to none.Our thick and chewy caramels are cooked in copper kettles, cut into the perfect size and then smothered in milk or dark chocolate.Item Number: 333-1190, 333-1191, 333-1192
Bayard's Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers
The Perfect Pair!Classic graham crackers covered in rich Bayard's Chocolate. It doesn't get any better than this.Each box holds 1.3 lbs of deliciousness!Chocolates available: Milk and Dark, All Milk, and All Dark.APPROX. 14 PCS. PER BOXMay 1st - October 15th...
from $28.99
Bayard's Chocolate Covered Sandwich Cookies
Sweet Little Sandwiches!Sandwich cookies dipped in delicious Bayard's Chocolate. Be sure to order a batch for yourself.Bayard's Chocolate Covered Sandwich Cookies come in 1 lb. packages.May 1st - October 15th orders require special handling.Item Numbers: 333-1710, 333-1711, 333-1712
James' Chocolate Sealed Salt Water Taffy
Taffy And Chocolate In One Sweet Treat. We're confident this is one of the best confections there is. Using a patented process, we seal each piece of James' Famous Salt Water Taffy in rich dark chocolate, then individually wrap each...
from $22.99
Bayard's Chocolate Nonpareils
Mostly Chocolate, Totally Delicious!Large, luscious drops of Milk and Dark Chocolate topped in colorful, candy sprinkles.Available chocolates are : Milk and Dark, All Milk, and All Dark in a 1lb seasonal tin.May 1st - October 15th orders require special handling.Item...
Bayard's Chocolate Covered Raspberry Jellies
Another one of our favorite summertime treats are raspberries, which are plentiful in the Garden State.Enjoy these raspberry jelly squares dipped in creamy milk or dark chocolate. They're one of the many classic treats we are proud to continue today....
Bayard's Cordial Cherries
Sweet Little Cherries With Chocolate On Top!Plump, juicy red cherries surrounded by a thick, rich milk or dark chocolate shell. Yes, they're as irresistible as they sound.Chocolates available: Milk and Dark.APPROX. 34 PCS. PER BOX.May - October 1st orders require...
Fralinger's Molasses Chocolate Covered Paddle Pops
The perfect treat made even betterTwo traditional Atlantic City tastes come together in one classic treat. That’s right, Fralinger’s chewy Salt Water Taffy has been enhanced with a stick and lovingly dipped in Dark Chocolate.They’re almost too easy to enjoy.Traditional...
from $26.99
Bayard's Chocolate Covered Vanilla Butter Creams
The Creme De La Butter Creams!Take a flavorful stroll down memory lane with Bayard's Chocolate Covered Vanilla Butter Creams. Made following a recipe unchanged since 1939.Chocolates available: Milk and Dark, All Milk, and All Dark.APPROX. 34 PCS. PER BOXMay 1st...
“Jumbo” Chocolate Covered Marshmallows
Soft and Delicious! We take unique marshmallows and coat them in Bayard's chocolate so that you can be dazzled by their taste. Each package contains 1 lb. of Bayard's "Jumbo" Marshmallows. Chocolates available: Milk & Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Dark...
Bayard's Almond Butter Crunch
Bayard's Smothered In Crunchy Almonds! Delicious almond brittle drenched in Bayard's milk chocolate, then rolled in crunchy almond nuggets.AVAILABLE SIZE TINS : 1 lb. Tin & 2 lb. Tin. May 1st - October 15th orders require special handling. Item Numbers:338-1401338-2401
from $29.99
Taffy, Fudge, & Paddle Pops - Fralinger's Ocean Breeze Combination Box
Nestled inside the vintage Fralinger's "Atlantic City at Twilight" 3 pound gift box you'll find 12 Dark Choc Molasses Taffy Paddles 1.25lb Fralinger's fudge 1lb of our Original Salt Water Taffy in 16 assorted flavors. Item Number: 110-3969
Bayard's Chocolate Lover's Gift Set
Know a chocolate lover?Sure, we all do. In fact, some of us are probably chocolate lovers ourselves. Well, now it's easy to give the perfect gift — the Bayard's Chocolate Lover's Gift Set.The gift set includes: 1/2 lb. of Milk...
Bayard's Sampler Gift Tower
The perfect gift for those who love chocolate and lots of it.Tower includes an acetate of Assorted Chocolates, Assorted Chocolate-Covered Pretzels, Almond Butter Crunch drenched in chocolate, Jumbo Milk and Dark Chocolate Marshmallows and Assorted Chocolate Nonpareils.May 1st - October...
Bayard's Assorted Gift Basket
There's Nothing Better Than Bayard's! Specially designed for chocolate lovers, the Bayard's gift basket includes 1/2 lb. of each: Milk & Dark Assorted Chocolates; Milk & Dark Vanilla Butter Creams, Milk & Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Milk & Dark Vanilla...
James' Tidal Wave Combo
James' Tidal Wave Combo
A Seashore Surprise! The James' Tidal Wave Combo is an impressive gift awash with 5 lbs. of popular James' candies. including: 1 lb. each of Salt Water Taffy, Chocolate Sealed Taffy, Filled Centers, Cream Mint Rolls, and old-time English Toffee....
Bayard's Standard Sleigh Of Treats!
A warm and cozy sentiment is wrapped up in this sleigh full of treats!The 2 lb. sleigh of goodies consists of 1/2 lb of Assorted Milk and Dark Chocolates, 1/2 lb. Assorted Milk and Dark Buttercreams, and 1/2 lb. of...
Bayard's Large Sleigh Of Treats!
Make this a holiday to remember. Send your best wishes with this large old-fashioned sleigh. This is one of our our largest holiday gift baskets holding 2 lbs. of chocolates. Including: 1/2 lb. Assorted Milk and Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels...
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