Nuts – James Candy Company
James' Honey Roasted Almonds
Slow roasted in our copper kettle with our special buttery syrup till golden brown, these almonds have a crispy crunchy flavor that will delight all.
from $20.99
James' Honey Roasted Pecans
This was our first attempt at slow roasting our nuts. After many attempts the James Brothers perfected the process. This is our best seller and most popular retail nut.
from $23.99
James' Honey Roasted Cashews
Our most favorite nut, plump and tasty, combined with our buttery syrup and slow roasted.
from $20.99
James' Pistachios in the Shell
We know you are going to love these pistachios. We never carried pistachios because we could not find a great source for them. My father, on a trip to a faraway place discovered what he felt was the best pistachio...
from $23.99
James' Salted Cashews
Once again, we bring to you our favorite nut only this time is salted to perfection bringing out all the delicious flavors in the product. Hand selected we are sure you will love them.
from $25.99
James' Salted Mixed Nuts
A selection would not be complete without a full assortment of salted nuts. Filled with cashews, pecans, almonds and filberts this airtight tin of our best nuts will last for a long time.
from $20.99
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