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Special Combo: Fralinger's Salt Water Taffy and Almond Macaroons
The Special Combo Includes: 1 Lb. Assorted Fralinger's Salt Water Taffy 1 Dozen Box Fralinger's Almond Macaroons Fralinger's Original Salt Water Taffy In Original 1920's Salt Water Taffy Box Sea Air And Sunshine In Every Box. Born on the Boardwalk...
$38.98 $31.99
James' 2lb Seasonal Tin Of Salt Water Taffy - "Standard 12 Flavor Assortment"
Bring joy to any occasion. The perfect gift for any occasion or celebration. Our Seasonal Tin is hand-packed with our famous 12 flavor assortment. Standard assortment includes 12 “cut-to-fit-the-mouth®” traditional flavors includes: Chocolate, Banana, Orange, Strawberry, Vanilla, Lemon, Molasses, Lime,...
Fralinger's Fudge and Taffy Tower
This generous gift tower is sure to stack up as one of the greatest gifts of all time.It includes an assortment of Fralinger's Salt Water Taffy and homemade Fralinger's Fudge.Tower decoration will vary with season.SKU: 110-2975
James' & Fralinger's Park Place Basket
Our Park Place Gift Basket is a bountiful and varied collection filled with a generous 5 lbs. of treats.Basket decoration will vary with season.Includes: 4 James Molasses Paddles 8 oz. Bayard's Chocolate Covered Pretzels 8 oz. James Salt Water Taffy...
Bayard's Signature Chocolates
Each batch is made by hand from scratch using an original Bayard's recipe and only the finest and freshest natural ingredients. It's time to discover what many have known all along, you simply can't find a better-tasting chocolate at a...
from $29.99
James' Seasonal Tin Of Salt Water Taffy - "Fabulous Flavors Tin"
The perfect gift for any occasion or celebration. Assorted mix of James' "Fabulous Flavors" of Taffy: Blueberry Cookies N' Cream Peanut Butter Cup Pina Colada Sour Cherry Watermelon AVAILABLE SIZE TINS (Tin design varies with season): 1 lb. Tin Item...
James' & Fralinger's Celebration Basket
Whatever the occasion, make it a real celebration with our 9 lb. James’ & Fralinger’s Boardwalk Gift Basket. Basket decoration will vary with season.Includes: James' Salt Water Taffy, seasonal tin Fralinger's Salt Water Taffy James' Cream Mint Rolls Fralinger's Almond...
Fralinger's Original 1885 Recipe Fudge
Our original recipe fudge now comes in a new collector’s design box with more to love than ever – a mouth-watering 1¼ lb.!This lovely, giftable box holds the fudge that started it all, crafted in copper kettles for a richer,...
Pick Your Own Fudge
Picking your own fudge is an exhilarating experience so mix and match and go crazy! Your taste buds will thank you. Choose up to 5 flavors per box. If buying two boxes choose up to 9 flavors.  Pick from these...
from $28.99
James' Ultimate Gift Tin 8 lb. - "James' Salt Water Taffy"
Bring Joy To Any Occasion with any one of these flavor options (please note tin design varies with season and availability) TRADITIONAL ASSORTMENT: 12 “cut-to-fit-the-mouth®” traditional flavors includes: Chocolate, Banana, Orange, Strawberry, Vanilla, Lemon, Molasses, Lime, Peppermint, Cherry , Licorice...
James' Marvelous Mints In A Seasonal Tin
Mouth-Watering And Yum-Inspiring! This beautiful, seasonal tin holds a 2 lb. assortment of 1 lb. Dark Chocolate Mint Nonpareils, 8 oz. of Cream Mint Rolls and 8 oz. of Butter Mint Rolls. A perfect after-dinner assortment and centerpiece for weddings,...
Fralinger's Mini Almond Macaroons
Heavenly Handfuls!!The same delicious taste of our famous Atlantic City Almond Macaroons, just in a smaller bite-sized version.(21 Macaroons...Decorative tin will vary with the season)Item Number: 110-1535Gluten Free: Yes (Visit to learn more about Gluten-Free Defined Foods)Allergen Statement: Our...
James' Salt Water Taffy Gift Tin 5 lb. - "Fabulous Flavors"
Send a generous gift, sweeten any office party, or show someone how much you care with our ultimate gift tins. 5 lb. tin filled with 1 lb. each of our fabulous flavored taffies. Choose five flavors from the following list:...
Bayard's Sampler Gift Tower
The perfect gift for those who love chocolate and lots of it.Tower includes an acetate of Assorted Chocolates, Assorted Chocolate-Covered Pretzels, Almond Butter Crunch drenched in chocolate, Jumbo Milk and Dark Chocolate Marshmallows and Assorted Chocolate Nonpareils.May 1st - October...
Bayard's Gift Tower Of Sweets
Our two tier Tower of Sweets consists of 1/2lb of Assorted Milk and Dark Chocolates, 1/2lb of Milk & Dark Non-Pariels
James' Variety Gift Tin 8 lb
Quality In Quantity!! Sweeten up any office party, send a generous gift, or show someone how much you care with our James' Ultimate Gift Tin. This 8 lb. tin holds 2 lbs. each of our James' Original Salt Water Taffy,...
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James' Chocolate Covered Mini Coconut Macaroons
These truly tempting treats are created by dipping James' classic Coconut Macaroon in rich chocolate.Made fresh daily using only the finest ingredients.1 1/4 lb. (Seasonal Tin)Item Number: 100-1546Gluten Free: Yes (Visit to learn more about Gluten-Free Defined Foods)Allergen Statement:...
Taffy, Fudge, & Paddle Pops - Fralinger's Ocean Breeze Combination Box
Nestled inside the vintage Fralinger's "Atlantic City at Twilight" 3 pound gift box you'll find 12 Dark Choc Molasses Taffy Paddles 1.25lb Fralinger's fudge 1lb of our Original Salt Water Taffy in 16 assorted flavors. Item Number: 110-3969
James’ Assorted "Set Of 6" Satchels
Each of these small souvenirs is filled with 6 oz. of James’ flavorful Salt Water Taffy.An assortment of our five most popular flavors : Vanilla, Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry, and Orange are in each satchel.Measuring 5" x 5" the satchel makes...
Bayard's Chocolate Nonpareils
Mostly Chocolate, Totally Delicious!Large, luscious drops of Milk and Dark Chocolate topped in colorful, candy sprinkles.Available chocolates are : Milk and Dark, All Milk, and All Dark in a 1lb seasonal tin.May 1st - October 15th orders require special handling.Item...
James' Mini-Coconut Macaroons In Gift Tin
World Famous Since 1880. For those who prefer small bites, but big taste, these are the macaroons for you. Baked with sweet, shredded coconut and packed fresh in a beautiful, seasonal tin. Approximately 1 lb. of Macaroons per tin. Each...
James’ & Fralinger’s “Celebration” Gift Tower
From top to bottom, it’s one sweet surprise after another!Sweeten things up with this towering, three-part gift bonanza that delivers a half pound box of Fralinger’s Salt Water Taffy, James’ Chocolate Salt Water Taffy, 12 Fralinger's Molasses Chocolate Covered Taffy...
Bayard's Chocolate Lover's Gift Set
Know a chocolate lover?Sure, we all do. In fact, some of us are probably chocolate lovers ourselves. Well, now it's easy to give the perfect gift — the Bayard's Chocolate Lover's Gift Set.The gift set includes: 1/2 lb. of Milk...
Fralinger's Ocean Gift Tower
From top to bottom, it's one mouthwatering Fralinger's confection after another.This tantalizing tower wows them with an assortment of Salt Water Taffy, Creamy Mints and homemade Fralinger's Fudge.Tower decoration will vary with season.Item Number: 110-3975
Bayard's Chocolate Pretzels
The Pretzel Made Perfect! Classic three-ring pretzels are baked in old-world brick ovens and dipped in Bayard's milk or dark chocolate to make a crunchy combination that's sweet and salty all-in-one. Gourmet topping include jimmies, nonpareils, and peanut string. Chocolates...
Fralinger's "Taste Of The Boardwalk" Gift Combo
This tasteful 3 lb. box combo brings together 1 lb. each of Fralinger's "long-shape" Salt Water Taffy, Creamy Mint Sticks, and Peanut Butter Chews.Item Number: 110-3918Gluten Free: Yes (Visit to learn more about Gluten-Free Defined Foods)Allergen Statement: Our production...
Fralinger's Creamy Mint Sticks in Holiday Gift Box
12 oz box of Creamy Mint Sticks in a holiday gift boxBuy two boxes and save $4.99!Christmas box only available from November 1st to January 10thItem Number: 110-0931Gluten Free: Yes (Visit to learn more about Gluten-Free Defined Foods)Allergen Statement:...
from $15.99
Fralinger's Creamy Mint Sticks in Mint Gift Box
12 oz box of Creamy Mint Sticks - regular boxBuy two boxes and save $4.99!Item Number: 110-0921Gluten Free: Yes (Visit to learn more about Gluten-Free Defined Foods)Allergen Statement: Our production facilities share common processing equipment. All of our products...
from $15.99
James' Seaside Basket Of Candy
You don't have to leave home to enjoy the authentic tastes of the Atlantic City Shore.The James' Seaside Basket of Candy is overflowing with waves of tasty treats including assorted Salt Water Taffy, Boardwalk Fudge, Coconut Macaroons, and Chocolate Covered...
James' Coconut Macaroons
World Famous Since 1880.James' Coconut Macaroons are as popular today as they were over a century ago, and that's because we follow James' original recipe and use sweet shredded coconut and other fresh ingredients to recreate his soft, moist, and...
from $22.99
James' Neptune Combination Boxes
A Treasure Chest From The Deep Candy Sea!Enjoy all of James' classic confections with our Neptune Combination Box.Our 2 lb. option includes a 1lb. of Salt Water Taffy and a lb. box of Chocolate Sealed Taffy.Add to the enjoyment, and...
from $34.99
Fralinger's Almond Macaroons
Sweet And Satisfying!These delicious delicacies have a sweet taste that everyone loves. They're baked fresh daily in the European tradition following a Fralinger's family recipe that has been passed down for generations.All are mailed right to your door. Order today.AVAILABLE...
from $22.99
Bayard's Large Sleigh Of Treats!
Make this a holiday to remember. Send your best wishes with this large old-fashioned sleigh. This is one of our our largest holiday gift baskets holding 2 lbs. of chocolates. Including: 1/2 lb. Assorted Milk and Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels...
Fralinger's Convention Special
Be The Center Of Attention!Bring all your friends and colleagues together with the Fralinger's Convention Special.Each 5 lb. gift box holds 1 lb. each of Fralinger's Salt Water Taffy, Filled Centers, Creamy Mint Sticks, Rum and Butter Toffee, and Peanut...
James' Mermaid Gift Assortment
The James' Mermaid Assortment is packed to the gills with authentic Boardwalk tastes.The assortment includes: 1.25 lb of Boardwalk Fudge 5 Coconut Macaroons 1 lb of our famous Salt Water Taffy. Item Number: 100-2335
James' Tidal Wave Combo
James' Tidal Wave Combo
A Seashore Surprise! The James' Tidal Wave Combo is an impressive gift awash with 5 lbs. of popular James' candies.including: 1 lb. each of Salt Water Taffy, Chocolate Sealed Taffy, Filled Centers, Cream Mint Rolls, and old-time English Toffee.James' traditional...
James' & Fralinger's "Seashore Favorites" Gift Tower
A Satisfying Sampler!This Gift Tower brings joy to any occasion or celebration.Savor all of our seashore specialties including James' Salt Water Taffy and Chocolate Seal Taffy, Fralinger's Peanut Butter Chews, Bayard's Chocolate Covered Jumbo Vanilla Marshmallows, and Bayard's Milk Chocolate...
Bayard's Assorted Gift Basket
There's Nothing Better Than Bayard's! Specially designed for chocolate lovers, the Bayard's gift basket includes 1/2 lb. of each: Milk & Dark Assorted Chocolates; Milk & Dark Vanilla Butter Creams, Milk & Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Milk & Dark Vanilla...
Bayard's Almond Butter Crunch
Bayard's Smothered In Crunchy Almonds! Delicious almond brittle drenched in Bayard's milk chocolate, then rolled in crunchy almond nuggets.AVAILABLE SIZE TINS : 1 lb. Tin & 2 lb. Tin. May 1st - October 15th orders require special handling. Item Numbers:338-1401338-2401
from $29.99
Fralinger's Caramellows - 12 Piece Souvenir Box
A box of 12 giant marshmallows covered in sweet, creamy caramel.This is a treat you should not miss!Item Number : 210-0912
James' Honey Roasted Almonds
Slow roasted in our copper kettle with our special buttery syrup till golden brown, these almonds have a crispy crunchy flavor that will delight all.
from $19.99
James' Honey Roasted Cashews
Our most favorite nut, plump and tasty, combined with our buttery syrup and slow roasted.
from $19.99
James' Honey Roasted Pecans
This was our first attempt at slow roasting our nuts. After many attempts the James Brothers perfected the process. This is our best seller and most popular retail nut.
from $22.99
James' Salted Mixed Nuts
A selection would not be complete without a full assortment of salted nuts. Filled with cashews, pecans, almonds and filberts this airtight tin of our best nuts will last for a long time.
from $19.99
James' Salted Cashews
Once again, we bring to you our favorite nut only this time is salted to perfection bringing out all the delicious flavors in the product. Hand selected we are sure you will love them.
from $24.99
James' Pistachios in the Shell
We know you are going to love these pistachios. We never carried pistachios because we could not find a great source for them. My father, on a trip to a faraway place discovered what he felt was the best pistachio...
from $22.99
Fralinger's Creamy Mint Sticks Special With Taffy
12 oz Fralinger's Creamy Mint Sticks. PLUS a 1lb Box of Fralinger's Taffy.Choose between the Regular Gift Box or Holiday Gift Box.Christmas box only available from November 1st to January 10th.Item Numbers: 110-2905,110-2916Gluten Free: Yes (Visit to learn more...
Bayard's Standard Sleigh Of Treats!
A warm and cozy sentiment is wrapped up in this sleigh full of treats!The 2 lb. sleigh of goodies consists of 1/2 lb of Assorted Milk and Dark Chocolates, 1/2 lb. Assorted Milk and Dark Buttercreams, and 1/2 lb. of...
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