Special Combo: Fralinger's Salt Water Taffy and Almond Macaroons
The Special Combo Includes: 1 Lb. Assorted Fralinger's Salt Water Taffy 1 Dozen Box Fralinger's Almond Macaroons Fralinger's Original Salt Water Taffy In Original 1920's Salt Water Taffy Box Sea Air And Sunshine In Every Box. Born on the Boardwalk...
$38.98 $31.99
Fralinger's Original Salt Water Taffy In Original 1920's Salt Water Taffy Box
Sea Air And Sunshine In Every Box. Born on the Boardwalk in 1885, Fralinger's famous "long-shaped" Salt Water Taffy has a creamy, delightful, and delicious taste. Assorted Flavors include: Banana, Chocolate, Lemon, Licorice, Lime, Molasses, Orange, Peppermint , Strawberry and...
from $15.99
Fralinger's Almond Macaroons
Sweet And Satisfying!These delicious delicacies have a sweet taste that everyone loves. They're baked fresh daily in the European tradition following a Fralinger's family recipe that has been passed down for generations.All are mailed right to your door. Order today.AVAILABLE...
from $22.99
Fralinger's Molasses Chocolate Covered Paddle Pops
The perfect treat made even betterTwo traditional Atlantic City tastes come together in one classic treat. That’s right, Fralinger’s chewy Salt Water Taffy has been enhanced with a stick and lovingly dipped in Dark Chocolate.They’re almost too easy to enjoy.Traditional...
from $26.99
Fralinger's Original 1885 Recipe Fudge
Our original recipe fudge now comes in a new collector’s design box with more to love than ever – a mouth-watering 1¼ lb.!This lovely, giftable box holds the fudge that started it all, crafted in copper kettles for a richer,...
James' Chocolate Sealed Salt Water Taffy
Taffy And Chocolate In One Sweet Treat.We're confident this is one of the best confections there is. Using a patented process, we seal each piece of James' Famous Salt Water Taffy in rich dark chocolate, then individually wrap each one...
from $22.99
James' Original Salt Water Taffy In Original Seashore Salt Water Taffy Box
James' "Cut-to-fit-the-mouth" Salt Water Taffy is a treat that's been celebrated for over 125 years. These soft, sweet, and smooth taffies are wrapped for freshness and will arrive nestled in our Original 1910-era Seashore Gift Box. Assortment flavors include: Banana,...
from $15.99
Pick Your Own Fudge
Picking your own fudge is an exhilarating experience so mix and match and go crazy! Your taste buds will thank you. Choose up to 5 flavors per box. If buying two boxes choose up to 9 flavors.  Pick from these...
from $28.99
Taffy, Fudge, & Paddle Pops - Fralinger's Ocean Breeze Combination Box
Nestled inside the vintage Fralinger's "Atlantic City at Twilight" 3 pound gift box you'll find 12 Dark Choc Molasses Taffy Paddles 1.25lb Fralinger's fudge 1lb of our Original Salt Water Taffy in 16 assorted flavors. Item Number: 110-3969
James' Coconut Macaroons
World Famous Since 1880.James' Coconut Macaroons are as popular today as they were over a century ago, and that's because we follow James' original recipe and use sweet shredded coconut and other fresh ingredients to recreate his soft, moist, and...
from $22.99
James' Mermaid Gift Assortment
The James' Mermaid Assortment is packed to the gills with authentic Boardwalk tastes.The assortment includes: 1.25 lb of Boardwalk Fudge 5 Coconut Macaroons 1 lb of our famous Salt Water Taffy. Item Number: 100-2335
Bayard's Almond Butter Crunch
Bayard's Smothered In Crunchy Almonds! Delicious almond brittle drenched in Bayard's milk chocolate, then rolled in crunchy almond nuggets.AVAILABLE SIZE TINS : 1 lb. Tin & 2 lb. Tin. May 1st - October 15th orders require special handling. Item Numbers:338-1401338-2401
from $29.99
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